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Growing up in the South, mother-daughter design duo Lynn Rahn and Brooke Rahn Thomas, both discovered an interest in quality, thoughtful design grounded in Southern aesthetics from an early age. Lynn developed her design sensibility by flipping houses, before “flipping houses” was a thing. Each home she styled was an extension of her vibrant charm, her penchant for accessible luxury, and her fondness for unique pieces of furniture that tell and retell stories.

Brooke’s design sensibility was inherited. Raised in leagues of homes all over Savannah, from Ardsley to Fairway Oaks to the Historic District, Brooke was brought up on furniture. A Milo Baughman chair resided in the corner of her room, a local artist hung prominently above her vintage bed, a worn, warm rug dutifully rested below her feet. Brooke’s style is coastal funk, a blend of white-denim slipcovers, hides, taxidermy and vibrant artwork.

Together, Lynn and Brooke are the founders and owners of Clutter, an inimitable furniture consignment shop in Midtown Savannah, Georgia. Clutter is an extension of their separate design sensibilities, and a forum for both to grow creatively in their design endeavors. Whether designing a room for a client, providing accessible high-end furniture to the Low Country, or working on personal home design projects, the women of Clutter are a dynamic interior styling team.


714 Mall Blvd.
Savannah, Georgia 31406

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  1. my friends!!!! what a great business!!! so happy you have done this and doing what you love to do!!, in photo Brooke looks like a DIVA, and Kathy look good too, of course you never change, even after 12 years !!!!! steven in Spartanburg

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