My Five Favorite Things…Molly R.






Clutter’s very own, Molly, shared some amazing pieces in the newest installation of My Five Favorite Things. Her favorites include a collection of antique boxes from Paris, a set of framed flags from her father’s WW2 ship, a ferocious Bellamy Murphy alligator, a sideboard (and chairs and lobster claw) from Clutter (!!), and an owl made by her son.

When you’re designing your home, find something that speaks to you, that brings you a smile or makes you think of a great memory. Mix meaningful pieces and collections with functional and stylistic design pieces for fun, inspired spaces in every room/corner/nook of your house.

Don’t get overwhelmed with design. Layer your home with pieces that have personal meaning or just look neat as h*ll. It may take some time, but good design always does. A bookshelf looks great with your collection of books, but how about a bowl you found while traveling, or a small sculpture to set those novels off just right. A wall looks nice with a simple mirror, but how about a great set of deer antlers above it to give a nice accent! If you don’t have five favorite things now…just you wait! If you shop for exciting/moving pieces, you’ll quickly have more than five pieces to pick from for your all time faves!

My Five Favorite Things is a new project we’re kicking off in 2016 to show off five things in your home that you can’t imagine living without. Whether it’s a collection, a piece of art, something with an emotional draw or just something fun and unique…if you’d like to be featured, shoot Brooke a note at with the subject “My Five Favorite Things”.

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