We’re Back, Baby!


We just realized that during a whirlwind 2015, we drastically neglected our blog! What with the new store, Brooke and Lynn both moving to new homes, the arrival of our little bundle of joy, Ford, and all the on-going’s of running a small business (Telfair’s Room With a View, styling for clients, being fabulous included)…the year and the blog got away from us.

BUT we’re officially back, baby! And better than ever.

This year, we promise to provide quality original content and updates on our home improvement projects, furniture in store and in our clients’ homes, and other fun goodies along the way! This is just a smattering of what you’ll get from us in 2016:

  • Design updates on Brooke’s home (#TheJohnWesleyProject) and Lynn’s home (#TheDobellProject). We both moved in 2015 and have been busy painting, wallpapering, demo-ing and can’t wait to share the progress of both homes with y’all.
  • The freshest updates on furniture as it comes in the door at Clutter. You’ll get the firsthand notice here!
  • Fun client home makeovers! The Clutter way.
  • And MUCH MUCH More!

Thanks for following us and look forward to sharing our 2016 with you!


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