The Kensington Project…Moving Some Things Around


Sometimes you just get tired with how everything is set up. Sometimes you hate a really nice chair or piece of furniture because of where it’s sitting in your home. The good news is that piece (that you once loved!!) isn’t nailed down and you can move it and give it new life.


Take a once loved piece that has gotten stale in a certain room and transform it by combining it with other great pieces in a new space. you’ll get a whole new life out of something that you already own. Let’s face it…you can’t always buy new furniture. So when you’re in need of a change up, just rearrange what you got!


That’s what we’ve been doing all week over at The Kensington Project. Yes, we did just move in mere months ago. And yes, we are already tired of some of the spaces. So what. We are A.D.D. when it comes to furniture, but that keeps things interesting and inspired!! Gave all of these pieces new lives, and the ones that didn’t are heading to Clutter for sale! That’s the life cycle around here, y’all!

What do you think? Into how we rearranged?

Bed (Restoration Hardware), Sofa (Pottery Barn), Art (shopSCAD), Bench/Snowshoes/Rug (Clutter), Pillows (Jonathan Adler + Little Design Company)

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