Clutter Does Dining Room.


We picked some of our favorite pieces from to make a sophisticated, elegant and kind of funky (in a great way!!) dining room. Starting with a brilliant travertine table (#4), you have a great foundation for some chic chow time. The table’s clean lines and brass accents are everything!

From there we add a soft textiled set of chairs (#5) in these DUX Scandinavian beauties. The softness of the white fabric really tones down the modern table and makes such an elegant statement. Throw a set of Mad Men inspired glasses and punchbowl (#6) in the middle of that grouping and you have a conversation starter.

We’re going bold on the walls with a funky abstract piece (#1) and a smashing bamboo Chinoiserie wall mirror (#3) for a look that’s both on trend and retro at the same time. And then the piece de resistance…that bad (meaning good), beautiful, brass Fog & Morup by Jo Hammerborg ceiling light (#2).

Chairish, we love you! Y’all have some great finds! What do y’all think??! Take the poll below and let us know…

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